19.2.2010-- List of Bongo Routines (N.R.= Numerical Recipes)

ABU Add to the Buffer command CMD and parameters PARS
BAR computes and plots error bars
BGOHLP Help files for individual commands
CCH Count_of_CHaracters
CCORR Correlation coeff., Auto/Cross-Correlation Function (ACF/CCF) N.R.
CNP Convert_Numerical_Parameters
CTC Convert_To_Caps
CWT Compare_With_Table
DBU Delete_BUffer
DCL Divide_Command_Line
DIESJU Computes Julian Day from actual date
DOT Housekeeping function for GONV (generalized matrix inversion)
EXC Executes, one a time, the command buffer (Playback command)
GONV Calculates the generalized inverse of the matrix A
GNV Get_Numerical_Vector
HCL Handle_Command_Line. Manages the command string
read by RCL from keyboard
HCP Handle_Command_Play. Manages the command string
read by CBUF
HDI Hand_Data_Input. Manages data input from keyboard
LBU Load_BUffer. Loads command buffer into internal vector
LMBU Load Macro_Buffer. Loads macro buffer
(i.e. the buffer containing a macro routine .bmr)
LSB LiSt_Buffer. Lists on screen the command buffer CBUF
MACRO_READ Esxecutes a macro routine, while originates a parallel process
NO2BLK No_2_Blanks. Deletes two or more blanks from the string STRI
OPER Executes IOP operation on an internal vector (XV,YV,EXV,EYV)
PCB Print_Common_Blocks. Writes on the output device LU the content
of the common blocks in Bongo (common.bgo and common.plt)
POLY Computes Least Squares POLYnomial Fit
RCL Read_Command_Line
RCT Read_Command_Table
RDF Read_Data_File
RREAL Real a matrix of real data and fill the matrix AMAT(100,100) max
SGF Uses the coefficients from SAVGOL to produce a Savitzky-Golay smoothing filter
SORT2 The vector XV(N) in ascending order
SSTAT Computes some statistical parameters of the vector VEC
TEMPO Reads the system time (intel fortran)
XYSTAT Computes some statistical parameters of the vector VEC1
WBU Copies command buffer into NFILE disk file
WREAL Writes the real matrix AMAT(NY,NX)
XMEMO1 Computes the moving average of YV at "times" XV
(MEdia MObile i.e.MEMO in italian)

BELL Rings the bell (no more used)
BACKG Background color of the characters
BIN "BINS" data from vector DAT and writes XV and YV vectors
CIRCLE Draws an arc of circle with radius IR, from StartAngle to EndAngle
COLOR Sets drawing color
DRAW Draws a line from current point to X,Y (user coords.)
ELLIPSE Draws an arc of ellipse
FILL Fills a close area with the current color
GAUSS Computes the Gaussian (normal curve)
with mean and variance from a sample (i.e. observed)
GDRAW Draws a line between PX1,PY1 and PX2,PY2 (screen coords.)
GDRAWT Like GDRAW but writes text,that is also out of the drawing box
GOTC Gets a character
GRID Draws a grid (large and/or small ticks)
GTESTO Reads and manages a text to be written in graphic mode
INITM Inits the PostScript mode
ISODE draws isocurves
ISTO Manages for the plot data of a histogram
LOMB Power spectrum of unevenly spaced data
(Lomb periodogram N.R.)
MAXMIN Max and min of a vector
MEM Power spectrum of evenly spaced data
(Maximum Entropy Method N.R.)
MMOVX Current point at X,Y. X-user and Y-screen coordinates (mixed move).
MMOVY Current point at X,Y. X-screen and Y-user coordinates (mixed move).
MOVE Current point at X,Y, scaling user- to screen- coordinates
OFFPE Writes Postscript %%TRAILER (end of PS file)
ONPE Set ON the graphic device
PARCON Reads starting configuration of PLOTPE
PCOM Print COMmon blocks
PATD Defines line pattern (postscript)
PLOT Plot X vs. Y
POINT2sets ON a pixel at current point
(Postscript; substitutes the old POINT2 Assembler routine)
POWERPower spectrum of YV with MEM
(Maximum Entropy Method N.R.)
QUADRO Draws axes and large & small ticks
RECT Draws a rectangle b oosite vertices (user coords.)
REVERSE Foreground color of characters
RESET Resets all video attributes
REVPIX Complements pixel color
SCALA Computes the plot scale in pix/user-units
SCIRC Draws a circle with radius=IR (screen coords.)
SDRAWR Draws for incrementes IDX,IDY (screen coords.)
SICHELP On-line help for SICOL
SICOL Sets colors of symbols and lines, ...
SLINPAT Sets the pattern of actual line
SMOVE Moves current position (current point, screen coords.)
SPOLYA Absolute drawing of a N-sides Polygonal
SPOLYR Relative drawing of a N-sides Polygonal
SRECT Draws a rectangle from its vertices (screen coords.)
STAIRS Prepares data for a stair-histogram drawing
SYMBOL Plots symbol L with dimensions LP at user coords. X,Y
TEXT Writes a string at current point
TWVIS Opens/Closes the display of a text windows (not postscript)
XTEXT Prepares the writing of a character in graphical mode


INFO Information about Bongo
HLPBGO Lists and shows the list of commands and a single command help


SMOOFT Smoothing by Fourier Transform
XREALFT Real Fourier Transform of YV


KSTWO Kolgomorov-Smirnoff (K-S) test
PROBKSProbability of K-S test
SORT Orders a vector
BETAIFunction. Returns the incomplete Beta function Ix(a,b)
BETACFused by BETAI. Computes continued fraction for incomplete Beta function
GAMMLNReturns the value ln[Gamma(xx)] for xx>0
REALFTReal Fourier transform of YV
TWOFFTReturns two complex arrays and call FOUR1
FOUR1Replaces data by its discrete Fourier transform
SAVGOLSavitzky-Golay filter
LUBKSBSolves a set of linear equations
LUDCMPLU decomposition of A(1:np,1:np)

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