List of Bongo Macro Routines (.bmr)

bagau.bmrPlots the Bagnouls Gassen termo-pluviometric diagram1, data
bagau-usa.bmrAs above, for USA units (inch, °F)1, data
begin.bmrStarting block of a plot (like start.bmr) 
ci.bmrConfidence intervals1
date.bmrchanges date from "year month" to "year.(month/12)" (dec yr)-
detrend.bmrDetrending or (O-C), observed calculated1
diff12-max.bmrwrites temperature maxima after diff12.bon1, CM
ecliptic.bmrDraws Ecliptic on the Celestial Sphere1 .bon
end.bmrLast block in a plot-
equator.bmrDraws Equator on Celestial Sphere 1 .bon
events.bmrMarks the position of warm and cold events1
events-delta.bmrThe same as above, but plotted near the middle of the plot1
inset.bmrplots the zoom within an inset (small plot) 1, (2, .bon)
mm.bmrp-points (p=odd) running mean.1
moyr.bmrMEM: from month to year-
periods2.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 8-8.5 years -
periods3.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 10 years -
periods5.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 14.5-15 years -
periods6.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 21-22 years1
periods7.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 30 years1
periods.bmrPeriods by Scafetta through 60 years (all)1
periods.listList of Scafetta's periods (text)-
raxis.bmrdraws the right-hand axis. Same scale as the left-hand one1, data
smo.bmrp-points (p=any) data smoothing. FFT Low-pass filter1
start.bmrStarting block of a plot (the same as begin.bmr)-
template-1p.bmrTemplate for 1-plot, 2-kinds 1 2 3
template-2p.bmrTemplate for 2-plots per page1 2
template-3p1.bmrTemplate for 3-plots per page, 1st frame1
template-3p2.bmrTemplate for 3-plots per page, 2nd frame1 2
template-4p.bmrTemplate for 4-plots per page (Example) 1, dat
template-6p.bmrTemplate for 6-plots per page 1
template-8p.bmrTemplate for 8-plots per page 1 2
template.bmrTemplate for 1-plot per page (the same as template-1p.bmr)1 2 3
xxx-norm.bmrNormalize data to zero-mean and unit-variance-
year-large.bon not a .bmr routine; a complete Bongo code to plot the example.
See also mm.bmr and smo.bmr
1, 2
warm-cold.bmr Warm and Cold Periods: RWM,DACP (MCP),LIA, CWP1

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