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Bongo (Data Plotting under Linux and Windows)
Bongo Commands (The Complete Description)
Bongo for Windows (Both Executable and anything needed to compile)
Tables (within Bongo Commands)
Short List (of Bongo Commands)
Short List (of Bongo Routines)
List (of available Bongo Macro Routines)
Output files (written by Bongo Routines)
Errors List (written by Bongo Routines)
Scripts to convert (or the directory script/)
A Large Example (many datasets at the same time)

Bongo per Windows (BongoWin. In italian)
Manuale rapido Bongo (Bongo quick manual. In italian) (pdf)
Esempi di laboratorio (Lab application manual. In italian) (pdf)

Lancio (use of bongo routines without bongo. NOT UPDATED)
Direct call of plotps.f routines (in a fortran code)
Plotps.f routines (used by Bongo)

bongo145.tar (4.8 MB; Bongo 64 bits for Linux 64 bits-gfortran compiler.
                          Use the command "file bongo" to test # of bits)
bongo145-32.tar (5 MB; Bongo 32 bits for Linux -gfortran compiler.
                          Use the command "file bongo" to test # of bits) (3.7 MB; Bongo for Windows 32 bits -gfortran compiler) (4 MB; Bongo for Windows 64 bits -gfortran compiler)

lancio.tar (~630 KB; direct call to plotps.f routines: plotps.f, readme, examples, outputs) not updated.

bongo-www.tar (This site, ~90MB; it opens the directory "bongo", so avoid confusion with the "bongo" opened by bongo145.tar!; (e.g. rename to bongo-www or bongo-man ... or, if any, open the tarball within your web directory, as www/bongo or web/bongo or similar places). After the tar-ball has been correctly posed and opened, you should organize a link to bgo.html, the main Bongo summary page (this page!). From the bgo.html page you can click on Bongo Commands (The Complete Description) above to have the main command handbook.

Bongo Icons:
gorilla.png (201x195)
bongo-ico.png (50x49)
bongo-icop.png (25x24)

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