In actual society, it may be stuff does not happen, but someone shows it to you in any case.

Soliani- corso di statistica; capitoli locali: Chap.1    Chap.2    Chap.3    Chap.7    Chap.8           Sistema Internazionale
GW da -2500 a +2040, (sito originale, in inglese).       |||      Il pacchetto SSA-MTM Toolkit è in noaa/spettri/spectra.        |||      NASA Exoplanets Service (LOMB & other algorithms)
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97% Consensus (see also the CM post and comments or the Italian version)
Continental US Hurricane Impacts/Landfalls 1851-2017
•• WUWT post about Mann et al (2020) paper (NO internal variability in AMO, PDO, etc.)

  • Sono scettico (pdf)     Sono scettico     Sono scettico orig    ETA: European Temperature Anomaly Lincei su clima
    IPCC SR1.5 (Comment)    • IPCC SR1.5       IPCC_SROCC
  • Summary of Munich Sceptic Climate Conference (13th EIKE Conf.) (November 23,2019)

    Poyet P., 2020.The Rational Climate Book (January 19,2021)

    Fresh Proof: Nature not Humans drives CO2 levels (June 16, 2020)

    History of Religion       150 out of 300 graphs (2017)      •SourcesAndSinks.pdf (CO2 Sources and Sinks)      •δ18O Story (ISPRA Slides, L. Capotondi 2011)

    Presentazione di M. Mann a Milano (Politecnico, 18.6 2018)    Several papers on Hockey Stick Confirmed

  • italy-energy-jancovici.pdf (html version)     from: https://jancovici.com/en/energy-transition/societal-choices/ italy-and-energy-a-case-study/

    mariani-2019-cambiamento-climatico-alleanza-cattolica.pdf (29.11.19)

  • Estimating the HURST Exponent

  • Agenda 21 and the Rio Principles 2012 (All you need to understand IPCC Philosophy)

  • ON CLIMATE SENSITIVITY by Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D (with review assistance from Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D.)

  • Extreme Events on WUWT

    Sun Climate Connection, 2016, Dudok de Wit, Thierry Ed., Published 2016/03/17 by EDP SCIENCES, ISBN 9782759817337.
    Freeman Dyson heretic thoughts
    Patrick Moore: positive impacts of Co2 (2016)
    Klyashtorin L.B., Lyubushin A.A. Cyclic climate changes and fish productivity.- M.: VNIRO Publishing, 2007.- 224 p.
    State of Fishery, 2014 (FAO Rome,2014: The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture)

    MWP: Medieval Warm Period; LIA: Little Ice Age; CWP: Current Warm Period.

    Regional and national monthly, seasonal, and annual temperature weighted by area, 1895-1983 (1984, by Karl and Koss, available at: https://repository.library.noaa.gov/view/noaa/10238,43MB)

    Relazione pressione-altezza per la troposfera: pdf & Valori numerici;       gisp2-interglacial temps. jpg

    N. Scafetta: Climate Change and Its causes: A Discussion about Some Key Issues. Lucidi (pdf)
    Video: Conference at U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Feb. 26, 2009.

    N.Scafetta: Conference in Milan. 2019, May 13 (Slides)

    NYU seminar chaired by Steven Koonin on Jan 8,2014 (573 pages); very interesting the 1st talk about models (Dr. Collins, page 17)

    Libro di Tisdale       Libro di Tisdale sui modelli        Libro di Tisdale su Global warming        Rapporto WB (World Bank)
    The Skeptic's Handbook (Original)        Scafetta dic-2017 21.o secolo        Effects Solar Variability

  • Stats in Surface Temps in IPCC AR5 (Keenan)       
  • Climate Change from UK Royal Society and US NAS (2014?) (no date: the last quoted paper is the AR5, 2013. Only trivial ads.)
  • USA Climate-Science-Special-Report-2017.html
  • ef-gast-data-research-report-062717.pdf (On the Validity of NOAA, NASA and Hadley CRU Global Average Surface Temperature Data & The Validity of EPA's CO2 Endangerment Finding)
  • Physical Oceanography (2002)       Physical Geography      Short Biography of Ed LORENZ (by K.Emmanuel)
  • A Guide to Understanding Global Temperature Data (Roy Spencer, Jul 2016), (Original)
  • Animazione distribuzione CO2: 1850-adesso
  • www.climatedata.info
  • Unprecedented Warming (?) (see local animated gif and also this, from rense.com
  • Previsioni sul Cambiamento climatico
  • Clear Cut (Wood Pellets)

  • Save the Oceans: Stop Recycling Plastic   • =====> List of Pat Frank's papers <=====

    Segmented regression       Pagina dati HADCRUT3       Spettri di potenza

    JoNova bump in TSI (11-year delay)      Slides by D. Koutsoyiannis (Hydrology, society, change and uncertainty) also at http://itia.ntua.gr/1441/

    Link utili per Rapporto Clima Italia (30.12.2014) see also CM 37161 <==============

    Judith Curry's PowerPoint at NARUC Winter Meeting, February 2015. (see also JC blog)

    John Christy's PDF of PPT (at a Climate Change Roundtable, 2013)

    Judith Curry's Testimony 15.4.2015.

    Judith Curry's Testimony 8.12.2015. J.Curry's image

    Judith Curry's CLIMATE MODELS for the layman (local copy, 2017)

    https://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2019/07/Curry-NaturalDisastersWeb-1.pdf (2019, Natural Disasters)

    John Christy's Testimony 2.2.2016; original
    London ICG Conference, 7-8/9/2016
    Rupert Darwall report (In Private, Climate Scientists Are Much Less Certain than They Tell the Public)

    THE TROPICAL SKIES - Falsifying climate alarm. By J. Christy (The GWPF report no. 17, May 2019)
    ••Putting Climate Change Claims to the Test (Christy conference 18/06/2019, London). Local copy; (pdf)
    Discussion Happer-Karoly (on climate change: from WUWT Sept. 2018, by Andy May)

    Cicli e Minimi SolariScafetta 2014Bologna/HistalpCrescita ForesteCM37009ENSO Years/Strength

     Pagina NOAA con dati e spiegazioni 
    Dalla pagina NOAA sono stati scaricati i seguenti due file (ma ne sono presenti altri):  
     ghcnm-v3.pdfDescrizione di ghcnm (2 maggio 2011)
     GLOBAL HISTORICAL CLIMATOLOGY NETWORK MONTHLY (GHCN-M) Version 3.1.0 (Last Updated: 11/10/2011) (txt)Dettagli sul dataset che io chiamo "dati noaa"
     Pagina GFDL con linkClimate Model GFDL-CM2.1m

    Stuff for Posts published at CM
    Stuff for CM5 (Periods NOAA data) Stuff for CM6 (Anomalies apr12) Stuff for CM7 (Chen's data)
    Stuff for CM8 (Anomalies may12) Stuff for CM9 (HISTALP data) Stuff for CM10 (Anomalies jun12)
    Stuff for CM11 (Anomalies jul12) Stuff for CM12 (Anomalies aug12) Stuff for CM12b (Anomalies aug12/2nd)
    Stuff for CM13 (Anomalies sep12) Stuff for CM14 (Anomalies oct12) Stuff for CM15 (CO2-Temperature)
    Stuff for CM16 (Anomalies nov12) Stuff for CM17 (2.87 yr peak) Stuff for CM18 (Anomalies dic12)
    Stuff for CM19 (2.87 yr peak- 2nd part) Stuff for CM20 (Anomalies gen13) Stuff for CM21 (32-yr TSI & NOAA period)
    Stuff for CM22 (Darby's data) Stuff for CM23 (Anom. Feb-Mar-Apr 13) Stuff for CM24 (Anomalies giugno 13)
    Stuff for CM25 (NOAA, Sin, Akasofu) Stuff for CM26 (NOAA data fitting) Stuff for CM27 (Test MEM, sintetici)
    Stuff for CM28 (Break Points) Stuff for CM29 (NOAA-0114 & Moffa detrending) Stuff for CM30 (Histalp air temp.)
    Stuff for CM31 (Iato) Stuff for CM32 (ca667 & Hockey Stick) Stuff for CM33 (Dendrology)
    Stuff for CM34 (Alberi e carote) Stuff for CM35 (Raggi Cosmici nel 775 e 994 dC) Stuff for CM36 (Tazze da tè)
    Stuff for CM37 (Holocenic Solar Influence) Stuff for CM38 (Year 1540 CE in some proxies) Stuff for CM39 (Is Hyatus slowing down?)
    Stuff for CM40 (Iceland temperatures) Stuff for CM41 (Lake Ledro sediments) Stuff for CM42 (Sediments in 5 lakes)
    Stuff for CM43 (NOAA changes, same month) Stuff for CM44 (La pausa è viva e lotta con noi) Stuff for CM45 (Comp. old/new (v2.0) SSN)
    Stuff for CM46 (NOAA e UAH6) Stuff for CM47 (Ammersee sediments) Stuff for CM48 (Italian temperatures)
    Stuff for CM49 (Sea Level Accel.) Stuff for CM50 (Montevergine, It) Stuff for CM51 (8 stazioni italiane)
    Stuff for CM52 (Comp. Pinna & 8 stations) Stuff for CM53 (Comp. AA & ACE) Stuff for CM54 (Mvergine Prec, AA, MCI)
    Stuff for CM55 (Precipitation, 8 stations) Stuff for CM56 (Ginosa & Bonifati Temperature) Stuff for CM57 (Fortaleza & Eschenbach)
    Stuff for CM58 (rain Böhm) Stuff for CM59 (22 histalp stations: 1. Datasets) Stuff for CM60 (22 stations: 2. Anomalies)
    Stuff for CM61 (22 stazioni: 3. Average) Stuff for CM62 (Correlations) Stuff for CM63 (Radiosondes & comparison)
    Stuff for CM64 (Kids and CO2) Stuff for CM65 (NOAA a 03/16; anim.GIF) Stuff for CM66 (Aerosol &: Temps)
    Stuff for CM67 (Dolomiti and GW) Stuff for CM68 (Pinatubo and sea-level) Stuff for CM69 (QBO)
    Stuff for CM70 (El Niño Spectrum) Stuff for CM71 (El Niño 2nd post) Stuff for CM72 (Rain in S. Australia)
    Stuff for CM73 (TPW and temperature) Stuff for CM74 (Bering Sea) Stuff for CM75 (OHC)
    Stuff for CM76 (Bering Sea II) Stuff for CM77 (Bates-Karl) Stuff for CM78 (Holocene/Ice Age spectra)
    Stuff for CM79 (Interglacials 0-800 ka) Stuff for CM80 (IG 0-800 ka. Wavelets, 100 ka) Stuff for CM81 (IG 0-2.7 Ma; Tzedakis)
    Stuff for CM82 (Ratpac-B) Stuff for CM83 (BPs in Sea Level of 23 Med stats) Stuff for CM84 (MOI)
    Stuff for CM85 (Driving forces in Climate Change) Stuff for CM86 (Spectral analysis of proxy data) Stuff for CM87 (Lack of 100ka period)
    Stuff for CM88 (Fiji Islands, sea level, COP23) Stuff for CM89 (Faroe-Shetland Channel) Stuff for CM90 (Lake Victoria & Sun)
    Stuff for CM91 (Inuit & Climate Change) Stuff for CM92 (Hurst & Spectra) Stuff for CM93 (Hurst & Spectra 2nd. part)
    Stuff for CM94 (Hurst & Spectra 3rd. part) Stuff for CM95 (Stein, 2017 spectra of PIP25) Stuff for CM96 (Solar Influence: a comment)
    Stuff for CM97 (Dongge Cave & Hurst) Stuff for CM98 (Ireland rainfall & QBO) Stuff for CM99 (Siberian Times)
    Stuff for CM100 (Spec.Atlas & Persistence) Stuff for CM101 (Paleo Earth's Magnetic Field) Stuff for CM102 (Comments on Sea Level)
    CM103 (docx) (N. Atlantic and AMO) Stuff for CM104 (775 and 994 CE events) CM105 (pdf) (Back to school Greta!)
    Stuff for CM106 (Solar rotation & thunder/lightning) Stuff for CM107-DM48 (Cold event 1450-60 CE) CM108 (pdf) (Nuova Bussola Quot)
    Stuff for CM109 (Cyclone Landfall in USA) Stuff for CM110 (La Nuova Ferrara: Ital. Temps.) Stuff for CM111 (I'm skeptic. Why?)
    Stuff for NBQ (NBQ Koch 19) Stuff for CM113 (NOAA) (Less slope in global T) CM114 (Rain in Sahel 1st part)
    Stuff for CM115 (Rain in Sahel, 2nd part) CM116.docx (2018-19 Drought in Italy) Stuff for CM117 (Geostrophic Winds)
    Stuff for CM118 (ETA and 2°C) Stuff forCM119 (Snow Cover) Stuff for CM120 (Fit of temp. 1.Gnifetti, Scafetta)
    Stuff for CM121 (Fit of temps. 2. Shihua) Stuff for CM122 (Tornadoes in USA) Stuff for CM123 (Heathwave in France, 06/2019)
    Stuff for CM124 (Garda Lake Level & Outflow) Stuff for CM125 (LIA in Venice) Stuff for CM126 (Caspian Sea Level)
    Stuff for CM127 (Sea -2m Temperature in Trieste) Stuff for CM128 (CEI: USA Extreme Events) Stuff for CM129 (by-pieces fits of Global Temps)
    Stuff for CM130 (Estremes in USA, Spain, Italy) Stuff for CM131 (400 kyr da δ 18O, 5.3 Myr) Stuff for CM132 (Battiston, J2015.txt)
    Stuff for CM133 (Sea Level & Temp.) Stuff for CM134 (Thyphoons in Japan) Stuff for CM135 (Cloud Cover & Temp)
    Stuff for CM136 (Sea Level in Venice) Stuff for CM137 (Models-Obs for T) Stuff for CM138 (Glacial Era & other waggeries)
    Stuff for CM139 (ENSO at LIA Time) Stuff for CM140 (Greenland CO2) Stuff for CM141 (Greenland Ice Cores)
    Stuff for CM142 (El Niño Update) Stuff for CM143 (DMI,TNA,TSA) Stuff for CM144 (Rain in 15 UK Rivers)
    CM145.docx (Diodato et al. Po River extrema) Stuff for CM146 (Agosta, Argentina rain) Stuff for CM147 (Diodato Po river rain)
    Stuff for CM148 (ECAD rain in Europe) Stuff for CM149 (Palmyra Coral Core) Stuff for CM150 (Sea level & 18.6 yr)
    Stuff for CM151 (Bering Sea & 18.6 yr) Stuff for CM152 (Oceanic deep cores) Stuff for CM153 (Caspian Sea Level 1956-2018
                                 & Southern Coast meteo)
    Stuff for CM154 (Weekly CO2 and Covid-19) Stuff for CM15514C) Stuff for CM156 (Lake Lungo, Rieti, Italy)
    Stuff for CM157 (The 4.2 Ka event Norway-to-Italy
                                & Lake Petit et al.)
    Stuff for CM158 (Caves in Portugal and Greece) Stuff for CM159 (d18O & d13C in a 65Ma record)
    Stuff for CM160 (Climate and Civilization
                                 between 0 and 9 Ka)
    Stuff for CM161 (18.6 yr lunar period in Barents
                                Sea Ice and Brest MSL)
    Stuff for CM162 (Hen-Or-Egg; Koutsoyiannis)
    Stuff for CM163 (Greenland & Antarctica
                                 Ice melting)
    Stuff for CM16418O & δ13C in 65 Myr series.
                                30 Myr spectral peak; Extinctions )
    Stuff for CM165 (Great Lakes Level)
    Stuff for CM166 (Alaskan 43 BCE Okmok Eruption
                                & Mediterranean Sea Area)
    Stuff for CM167 (540 Myr Series of Isotopic Ratios
                                 & 3.5 Ba O and C ratios)
    Stuff for CM168 (TPI-IPO)
    Stuff for CM169 (Rainfall Erosivity, Po River [1500-
                                2019]. Diodato et al., 2020a )
    Stuff for CM170 (Brahmaputra Discharge &
                                 its reconstruction 1309-2002 )
    Stuff for CM171 (Covid-19: Climate &
                                 Precautionary Principle)
    Stuff for CM172 (Permian Triassic
                                Mass Extintion and ST-LIP)
    Stuff for CM173 (Baltic Sea Level) Stuff for CM174 (Plague & Climate 1374-1760)
    Stuff for CM175 (Moldava floods at Prague &
                                Lunar 18.6 yr; Extreme events)
    Stuff for CM176 (
    Stuff for CM177 (
    Stuff for Posts to be pubblished at CM (maybe ...)
    Stuff for DM21
    (Anomalies feb13)
    Stuff for DM22
    (Marcott's data)
    Stuff for DM23
    Stuff for DM24
    (Anomalies mar13)
    Stuff for DM25
    (Anomalies apr13)
    Stuff for DM26
    (Anomalies may13)
    Stuff for DM27
    (Anomalies jun13)
    Stuff for DM28
    (Anomalies jul13)
    Stuff for DM29
    (Anomalies aug13)
    Stuff for DM30
    (Anomalies set13)
    Stuff for DM31
    (Anomalies oct13)
    Stuff for BP
    (Def. Break Points)
    Stuff for DM32
    (Anomalies nov13)
    Stuff for DM33
    (Anomalies dec13)
    Stuff for UAH
    (UAH Sat. data)
    Stuff for DM34
    (Anomalies jan14)
    Stuff for DM35
    (Anomalies feb14)
    Stuff for DM36
    (Anomalies mar14)
    Stuff for DM37
    (Anomalies apr14)
    Stuff for DM38
    (ACE Acc.Cycl.En.)
    Stuff for DM39
    Stuff for DM40
    (Aussie 45 stats)
    Stuff for DM41
    (Arctic Oscill.)
    Stuff for DM42
    (Hurst/Diff English)
    Stuff for DM43
    (5 pluvio Italian
    stations and Hurst)
    Stuff for DM44
    Stuff for DM45
    (Bond Solar)
    Stuff for DM46
    (Hurst Exponent)
    Stuff for DM47
    (ETA fitting)
    Stuff for DM48
    (Cold event 1450-60 CE)
    Stuff for DM49
    (NAO, LOD, ...)
    Stuff for DM50
    (Fit Global Anom)
    Stuff for DM51
    (Caspian Sea Level)
    Stuff for DM52
    (Wagner, Ohrid Lake)
    Stuff for DM53
    (Hereid: ENSO/LIA)
    Stuff for DM54
    (Cloud cover & Temp)
    Stuff for DM55
    (Vostok Spectra & Sun)
    Stuff for DM56
    (Heavy Rain/Europe)
    Stuff for DM57
    Stuff for DM58
    Stuff for DM59
    Stuff for DM60
    Archive Data
    Stuff for Olanda
    (Labrijn dT & PDO)
    Stuff for CMAA
    (Histalp2-the revenge)
    Stuff for CMAAB
    (Histalp2-the rev.. anomalies)
    Stuff for CMBB (Modelli,
    Stuff for CMAB
    (Ap, SSN,...)
    Stuff for CMXX
    (Boehm's data)
    Stuff for CMAC
    (Fish and Fishery)
    Stuff for CMAD
    (First differences)
    Stuff for MEDICANES
    (Med. Hurricanes)
    Stuff for TEST
    (Test on MEM)
    Stuff for MOFFA
    (Moffa's et al,2014)
    Dati NOAA
    (All NOAA data together )
    Stuff for SPETTRI
    Stuff for 26STA
    (Temp. 26 Histalp)
    Stuff for Dendro
    Stuff for Iato e Bozen
    (Temperatures Pause )
    Stuff for GRIP
    (cfr Siberia-Dendro)
    Stuff for CR1000
    (CR events and proxies)
    Stuff for CET
    (Central England Temp.)
    Stuff for LAGHI
    (lakes Sediments)
    Stuff for MIXED
    Stuff for ITALIA
    (Italian Temps)
    Stuff for MVERGINE
    (mvergine e cfr)
    Stuff for MVERGINE II
    Stuff for EUROPA
    (27 European Stats.)
    Stuff for TCO2P
    (Temp, CO2, Pop)
    Stuff for RATPAC-A
    (Temp. da Palloni Meteo)
    Stuff for NATI
    (Born & meteo-climate)
    Stuff for OHC
    (Ocean Heat Content)
    Stuff for GLACIAL
    (0-800ka data)
    Stuff for 600 ka
    (break point at 0.6 Ma)
    Stuff for RATPAC-B
    (00z-12z temps, 13 levels)
    Stuff for WILLIS
    (Sea Levels by
    W. Eschenbach)
    Stuff for MOI
    (Mediterranean Oscillation
    Stuff for NT15
    Stuff for GEORGIA
    (Georgia Climate)
    Stuff for ICE
    (Spect. Analysis,
    Arctic Ice)
    Stuff for INDICI
    (NH Tele-Indices)
    Stuff for ATLAS
    (Spectra & Persistence)
    Stuff for RAINCHAD
    (Chad: rain 1901-2015)
    Stuff for HIRO
    (Hirosaki storms)
    Stuff for ARCTIC
    (Arctic Temps & EU Weather)
    Stuff for GRAPE
    (Portugal & various GHD)
    Stuff for NYT
    (NYT Climate)
    Stuff for SCETTICO
    Stuff for OLOCENE
    (Holocenic Series Stored)
    Stuff for SAHEL
    (Sahel Rain)
    Stuff for TORNADO
    (Tornadoes, 1950-2017)
    Stuff for CEI
    (CEI: Extremes in USA)
    Stuff for GLOBT
    (by-pieces fits of
    Global Temperatures)
    (Estreme Rain & WeMOi)
    Stuff for DEBOER
    (0-5Myr BP δ18O)
    Stuff for MODELLI
    (4 models & envelope)
    Stuff for MONCKTON
    (Testing Monckton's model)
    Stuff for ESTREMI
    (Extreme Events)
    Stuff for PRESSURE
    (Daily Atm. Pressure)
    Stuff for DE BILT
    (Daily Atm Pressure)
    Stuff for NINO
    (Monthly SST of
    El Nino Regions)
    Stuff for DMI-TSA
    (Atlantic Indices)
    Stuff for RAINGB
    (Rain & UK Rivers)
    Stuff for AGOSTA
    (SRI Rain Index)
    Stuff for DIODATO
    (Po River Basin)
    Stuff for FORECAST
    Stuff for LUNAR
    (18.6 yr peak)
    Stuff for BERING
    (18.6 yr peak in many
    Bering Sea series)
    Stuff for MARC
    (Eastern Equatorial
    Pacific core)
    Stuff for MED
    (RWP Mediterranean SST)
    Stuff for GULF
    (Weakening of Gulf Stream)
    Stuff for HALL
    (Hall Cave, YD 12.9 Ka)
    Stuff for SEALEV
    (Sea level long series)
    Stuff for GLACIER
    (World Glaciers MB)
    Stuff for IMBIE
    (Ice loss from IMBIE data)
    Stuff for FRAM
    (Fram Expedition
    & temperature)
    Stuff for MFALL
    (Meteorite fall, China 619-1943)
    Stuff for BCA
    (B/Ca series, 0-5 Ma)
    Stuff for IPO-TPI
    (Interdecadal Pacific
    Oscillation - TriPole Index)
    Stuff for BILLION
    (Hal-Billion year series)
    Stuff for BRAMA
    (Brahmaputra River)
    Stuff for LPME
    (Late Permian Mass Ext.)
    Stuff for BALTIC
    (Baltic Sea Level)
    Stuff for PESTE
    (Plague & Climate)
    Stuff for MOLDAVA
    (Moldava River floods)
    Stuff for
    Stuff for

    Posts for Climatemonitor.it (CM)
      1cm1.htmlrappr.dati climat.  2cm2.htmlaggior.gen12  3cm3.htmlaggior.feb12  4cm4.htmlaggior.mar12
      5cm5.htmlperiod.dati NOAA  6cm6.htmlaggior.apr12  7cm7.htmldati Chen  8cm8.htmlaggior.mag12
    13cm12b.html2.o aggior.ago1214cm13.htmlaggior.set1215cm14.htmlaggior.ott1216cm15.htmlCO2-Temp
    17cm16.htmlaggior.nov1218cm17.htmlpicco 2.87 anni19cm18.htmlaggior.dic1220cm19.html2.87 anni/2
    21cm20.htmlaggior.gen1322cm21.html32 anni TSI e NOAA23cm22.html
    Darby's data
    24cm23.htmlaggior. feb-mar-apr13
    25cm24.htmlgiu13: sbagliato26cm25.htmlNOAA,Sin,Akasofu27cm26.htmlNOAA,fit,BIC28cm27.htmlTest MEM, dati sintetici
    29cm28.htmlBreak points +Update30cm29.htmlNOAA 0114 e Moffa detrending31cm30.htmlWinter temps of 22 Histalp stats32 cm31.htmlIato
    33cm32.htmlDendro &
    Hockey Stick
    34cm33.htmlDendrology35cm34.htmlSiberian wedges36 cm35.html775 & 994 AD CRs and proxies
    37cm36.htmlTazze da tè38cm37.htmlHolocenic Solar Influence39cm38.html1540 & proxies40 cm39.htmlLo Iato: livello di attenzione?
    41cm40.htmlNAO, AMO e Temperature
    in Islanda
    42cm41.htmlSedimenti del
    Lago di Ledro
    43cm42.htmlSedimenti in 5 laghi44 cm43.htmlDati NOAA cambiati
    45cm44.htmlLa pausa è viva ..46cm45.html SSN V1.0 e V2.047cm46.htmlMixed (noaa+uah6)48 cm47.htmlAmmersee lake
    49cm48.htmlItalian Temps50cm49.htmlSea level accel.51cm50.htmlMontevergine52 cm51.html8 italian stations
    53cm52.htmlPinna vs. 8 stations54cm53.html Comp. AA and ACE55cm54.htmlMvergine Prec, AA, MCI56 cm55.htmlPrecip 8 Stat.
    57cm56.html Ginosa,Bonifati 58cm57.html Fortaleza, Willis E. 59cm58.html Rain Bologna 60cm59.html 22-stazioni:1.
    61cm60.html 22-stazioni:2. 62cm61.html 22-stazioni:3. 63cm62.html Correlation 64cm63.html Radiosonde
    65cm64.html Bimbi e CO2 66cm65.html NOAA a 03/16 67cm66.html Aerosol & Temperatura 68cm67.html Dolomiti & GW
    69cm68.html Pinatubo & sea-level 70cm69.html QBO 71cm70.html El Nino Spectrum 72cm71.html El Nino 2nd post
    73cm72.html Rain in Australia 74cm73.html TPW/Temperature 75cm74.html Bering Sea 76cm75.html OHC
    77cm76.html Bering Sea II 78cm77.html Bates-Karl 79cm78.html Eventi D-O e Olocene 80cm79.html Interglaciali 0-800 ka
    81cm80.html IG. 0-800 ka. 2a p. 82cm81.html IG 0-2.7 Ma 83cm82.html Temperatura da radiosonde 84cm83.html Variazioni di livello nel
    Mediterraneo negli anni '80
    85cm84.html MOI, Mediterraneo 86cm85.html Le forze-guida del cambiamento climatico 87cm86.html Analisi di dati proxy 88cm87.html Massimo a 100ka
    89cm88.html Fiji Sea Level, COP23 90cm89.html Faroe-Shetland 91cm90.html Lake Victoria / Sun 92cm91.html Inuit and Climate change
    93cm92.html Hurst & Spectra 1 94cm93.html Hurst & Spectra 2 95cm94.html Hurst & Spectra 3 96cm95.html Arctic Ice and its Spectrum
    97dm44.pdf ETA 2017 98cm96.html Solar Influence:
    99cm97.html Dongge Cave and Hurst 100cm98.html Ireland rain & QBO
    101cm99.html Siberian Times 102cm100.html Spectral Atlas &
    103cm101.html Earth's Paleo
    Magnetic Field
    104cm102.html Global & Mediterranean Sea Level
    105cm103.docx N.Atlantic & AMO 106cm104.html 775 & 993 CE events 107cm105.pdf Back to school Greta! 108cm106.html Solar Rotation
    Cold event 1450-60 CE 110cm108.pdf IPCC-SR1.5, NBQ 111cm109.pdf Cyclone Landfall USA 112cm110.html La Nuova Ferrara.
    It.Temps ECWM
    113cm111.html I'm Skeptic. Why? 114NBQ Koch etal,2019. 115cm113.html Slowing of Temp. Rise 116cm114.html Sahel climate
    117cm115.html Sahel influence 118cm116.pdf 2018-19 drought, Italy 119cm117.html Geostrophic winds 120cm118.html Europe Temp & 2°C
    121cm119.html Snow Cover 122cm120.html Fitting Temps 1. 123cm121.html Fitting Temps. 2. 124cm122.html Tornadoes
    125cm123.docx France Temps 126cm124.html Garda level 127cm125.html Frozen Venice, LIA 128cm126.html Caspian Sea
    129cm127.html Sea Temps in Trieste 130cm128.html CEI Index 131cm129.html Multi-fit Global Temps 132cm130.html Extrema USA,Spain,Italy
    133cm131.html 400 Kyr Cycle, 5.3 Myr 134cm132.html Battiston 135cm133.html Sea Level & Temp 136cm134.html Thyphoons
    in Japan
    137cm135.html=dm54 Cloud Cover & Temps 138cm136.html Sea Level in Venice 139cm137.html Models & Global Temp. 140cm138.html Glacial Era & other
    141cm139.html ENSO along the LIA 142cm140.html Greenland CO2 143cm141.html Greenland Ice Cores 144cm142.html El Niño Update
    145cm143.html DMI,TNA,TSA 146cm144.html Rain in UK 147cm145.html Diodato-Po Comm 148cm146.html Agosta
    149cm147.html Diodato-data 150cm148.html ECAD rain 151cm149.html Palmyra δ18O 152cm150.html Sea Level & 18.6 yr
    153cm151.html Bering & 18.6 154cm152.html Oceanic deep cores 155cm153.html Caspian Sea level & meteo 156cm154.html Weekly CO2 at Mauna Loa
    157cm155.html δ14C 158cm156.html Lake Lungo 159cm157.html 4.2 Ka event 160cm158.html Caves Portugal and Greece
    161cm159.html ANS(i)A/upcoming
    162cm160.html Sicily Channel
    163cm161.html Barents Sea
    & Brest MSL
    164cm162.html Hen-or-Egg
    165cm163.html Ice lost in Greenland
    & Antarctica
    166cm164.html 65Ma 167cm165.html Great Lakes 168cm166.html Okmok Eruption &
    169cm167.html 540 Ma & 3.5 Ba
    Isotopic Ratios
    170cm168.html TPI-IPO 171cm169.html Po River-Erosivity 172cm170.html Brahmaputra
    173cm171.html Covid/Clima/
    Precautionary P.
    174cm172.html Permian-Triassic 175cm173.html Baltic Sea Level 176cm174.html Plague & Climate
    177cm175.html Moldava floods 178cm176.html 179cm177.html 180cm178.html

    Post Pubblicati su CM
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    139 139.o post su CM (p=51977) pub. 05.12.2019CM137-Models 140 140.o post su CM (p=52003) pub. 13.12.2019CM138-GlacialEra
    141 141.o post su CM (p=51992?) pub. 18.12.2019CM139-ENSO&LIA 142 142.o post su CM (p=52269) pub. 27.01.2020CM140-
    143 143.o post su CM (p=52291) pub. 02.02.2020CM141-ENSO&LIA 144 144.o post su CM (p=52453) pub. 26.02.2020CM142-ENSO new
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    155 155.o post su CM (p=53099) pub. 05.07.2020CM153-Caspian Sea 156 156.o post su CM (p=53011) pub. 20.06.2020CM154-Week CO2
    157 157.o post su CM (p=53158) pub. 24.07.2020CM15514C 158 158.o post su CM (p=53208) pub. 07.08.2020CM156-Lungo
    159 159.o post su CM (p=53303) pub. 21.08.2020CM157-4.2 Ka 160 160.o post su CM (p=53359) pub. 09.09.2020CM158-Caves Portu
    161 161.o post su CM (p=53405) pub. 15.09.2020CM159-ANS(i)A-65Ma 162 162.o post su CM (p=53500) pub. 30.09.2020CM160-Sicily Chan.
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    167 167.o post su CM (p=54130) pub. 03.01.2021CM165-Great Lakes 168 168.o post su CM (p=54185) pub. 16.01.2021CM166-Okmok/Rome
    169 169.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM167540 Ma-3.5 Ba 170 170.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM168-TPI-IPO
    171 171.o post su CM (p=53808) pub. 15.12.2020CM169-Po Erosivity 172 172.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM170-Brahmaputra
    173 173.o post su CM (p=53972) pub. 22.12.2020,CM171-Covid/Climate 174 174.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM172-Permian/Triassic
    175 175.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM173-Baltic 176 176.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM174-Plague
    177 177.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM175-Moldava 178 178.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM176-
    179 179.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM177- 180 180.o post su CM (p=?????) pub. xx.xx.2021CM178-

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