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Analysis of Spencer & Christy Satellite Anomalies

Data available here; main directory.
see also Willis Eschenbach's post on WUWT, here (last few comments).

Brown read the original uahncdc_lt_5.6_1213.txt data and use Willis comment (area weighting);
Green use the uah-zones-1213.dat file with "Temperate Belts" at cols. 3 and 5 (after Willis comment, of course).
Four datasets (pdf) (png) Obs. Global,Tropics,Poles
Five datasets (pdf) (png) Note the latitude overlap for Extr. (20-60)° and Poles (60-85)°
Ext-Poles (pdf) (png) Extratropical-Poles after the Willis Eschenbach's comment
UAH-zones (pdf) (png) 5-zones Reads uah-zones-1213.dat
Zoomed UAH-zones (pdf) (png) 3-plots Northern Zones + Tropics
Zoomed UAH-zones (pdf) (png) 3-plots Southern Zones + Global
uah-zones-2s (pdf) (png) 2-segments fit Reads uah-zones-1213.dat
uah-mem(pdf) (png) All beltsRed line=3.8yrs period
uah-mem 85-85(pdf) (png) Global (85°N-85°S)Red line=3.8yrs period
bai-uah .pdf .png NPole
baibai-uah .pdf .png NPole
baibaiy-uah .pdf .png NPole
bai-fit-uah .pdf .png NPole
bp-uah .pdf .png NPole
anomalies.txt update of Dec.2013Original data
uah-zones-1213.dat .dat5-zones (used data) written by uah-polew.bon Fit Params. Global,Tropics,Poles .appFit Params. after the Willis Eschenbach's comment .appFit Params. 2-segments (BPs: 1992.5,1992.5,--,1991.75,1992.75)
Mem Spectra of latitude-belts Temp. Anomalies BeltsPeriods in months
 uah-6085n-mem.out North Polar
 uah-2060n-mem.out Temperate North
 uah-2020-mem.out Tropics
 uah-2060s-mem.out Temperate South
 uah-6085s-mem.out South Polar
 uah-8585-mem.out Global (85°N-85°S) Fit Params6 zones
bai-uah.dat.dat North Pole North Pole

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