Northern Hemisphere (NH) Teleconnection Indices

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  • Data available at: NOAA-NCEP (
  • Northern Hemisphere Teleconnection Patterns is the main page.
    Also added the following ...
  • North Sea Caspian Pattern (NCP) (from CRU)
  • We-MOI 1821-2013 data available at:
  • Saïd Qasmi,Christophe Cassou,Julien Boé: Teleconnection Between Atlantic Multidecadal Variability and European Temperature: Diversity and Evaluation of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 Models", Geophysical Research Letters, 44:21, 2017.


  • Ghanghermeh-etal-2015 (Indices and Caspian Sea)
  • Carnicer et al., 2019 (Cites WeMOI)
  • Javier Martin-Vide & Joan A. Lopez-Bustins: The Western Mediterranean Oscillation and Rainfall in the Iberian Peninsula, International Journal of Climatology, 26(11), 2006 (full text, WeMOI definition)
    Plots, Figures         Smoothed
    AMO monthly (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (ul=us-long)
    AMO monthly (pdf) (png) only 11-yr smooth Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
    AMO monthly Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum AMO Diff
    AMO monthly ACF (pdf) (png) Ho=0.967 Hdiff=0.455
    AMO Comp (txt)
    AMO-NOAA-HC4 (pdf) (png) Comparison monthly and annual series
    AMV (pdf) (png) 800-2010 CE MEM Spectrum ( Atlantic Mult. Variability)
    AMO-AMV (pdf) (png) Comparison AMO-AMV
    NAO17 monthly (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    NAO17 mon. Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Differences
    NAO17 mon. ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.586 Hdiff=0.5 No persistence
    NAO17 Comp (txt)
    NAO djfm annual (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    PDO monthly t. 2018 (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Pacific Decadal Oscillation
    PDO monthly Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum PDO Diff
    PDO monthly ACF (pdf) (png) Ho=0.941 Hdiff=0.444
    PDO Comp (txt)
    PDO monthly t. 2020/10 (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Pacific Decadal Oscillation
    PDO20 monthly Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum PDO20 Diff
    PDO20 monthly ACF (pdf) (png) Ho=0.941 Hdiff=0.444
    PDO20 Comp (txt)
    NAO (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum North Atlantic Oscillation
    EA (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum East Atlantic Pattern(pdf) (png)
    WP (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum West Pacific Pattern
    EP/NP (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum East Pacific/North Pacific Pattern
    PNA (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Pacific/North American Pattern
    EA/WR (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum East Atlantic/West Russia Pattern
    SCA (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Scandinavia Pattern(pdf) (png)
    TNH (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Tropical/Northern H. Pattern(pdf) (png)
    POL (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Polar/Eurasia Pattern(pdf) (png)
    PT (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Pacific Transition Pattern
    Expl Var (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Explained Variance
    NCP (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum North Sea/Caspian Pattern(pdf) (png)
    WeMOI Jan (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum West. Mediterranean Osc. Ind.January
    WeMOI Aug (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum West. Mediterranean Osc. Ind.August
    WeMOI Monthly (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum West. Mediterranean Osc. Ind.Monthly Mean
    WeMOI Annual (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum West. Mediterranean Osc. Ind.Annual Mean
    DMI Monthly (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Dipole Mode Index: Int IODIndian Ocean Dipole
    ONI Monthly (pdf) (png) Oceanic Nino Index
    ONI MEM (pdf) (png)
    Data         Smoothed:*-sm.txt
    AMO .datAMO 1856-2017
    AMV .txt 800-2010
    AMV MEM .out
    NOAA mo .datNOAA 2019,Jun
    NOAA yr .datNOAA 2018
    HC4 mo .datHadCrut4 2017, Dec
    HC4 yr .datHadCrut4 2017
    AMO MEM .outSpectrum
    AMO diff .txt
    AMO ACF .out
    AMO Diff ACF .out
    NAO17 .txt
    NAO17 MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    NAO17 Diff .txt
    NAO17 Diff MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    NAO17 Diff ACF .out
    NAO djfm .txt
    NAO djfm MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    INDICES Data .txtNumerical values 1950-2017
    NAO LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    PDO MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    PDO20 .txt
    PDO20 MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    EA LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum .txt
    WP LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    EP-NP LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    PNA LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    EA-WR LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    SCA LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum .txt
    TNH LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum .txt
    POL LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum .txt
    PT LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum
    EV LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum Expl. Variance
    NCP Data .txtNumerical values 1948-2005
    NCP LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum .txt
    WeMOI Data .txtNumerical values 1821-2013, original
    WeMOI Data .datNo-tabs 1821-2013, -999.
    WeMOI LOMB Jan .outLOMB Spectrum January
    WeMOI LOMB Aug .outLOMB Spectrum August
    WeMOI Monthly .txtseveral holes 1821-2013
    WeMOI Monthly det .txtDetrended 1821-2013
    WeMOI mon LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum 1821-2013
    WeMOI Annual .txtseveral holes 1821-2013
    WeMOI Annual det .txtDetrended 1821-2013
    WeMOI mon LOMB .outLOMB Spectrum 1821-2013
    DMI Monthly .txtDipole Mode Index 1870-2020
    DMI MEM .outMEM Spectrum
    ONI .txtOceanic Nino Index
    ONI MEM .outMEM Spectrum

    amo-ul.bon, amo-ulh.bon, amo-ul-acf.bon, amo-ul-acf.bon, amo-us-long2.bon, amo-noaa-hc4.bon,
    nao17.bon, nao17h.bon, nao17-acf.bon, pdo.bon, pdo20.bon, pdoh.bon, pdo-acf.bon,
    nao.bon, ea.bon, wp.bon, ep-np.bon,
    pna.bon, ea-wr.bon, sca.bon, tnh.bon, pol.bon, pt.bon, ev.bon,
    ead.bon, pold.bon, scad.bon, tnhd.bon, ncpd.bon, nao-djfm.bon,
    wemoi1.bon, wemoi8.bon, detrend-wemoi1.bmr, detrend-wemoi8.bmr, wemoim.bon, wemoiy.bon, dmi.bon, date12.f, dmi12.f,
    amv.bon, amv.bon, amo-us-long3.bon, oni.bon, oni-mem.bon,

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