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0-5 Myr BP, δ18O Benthic Spectra

  • Dennis V. Kent, Paul E. Olsen, Cornelia Rasmussen, Christopher Lepre, Roland Mundil, Randall B. Irmis, George E. Gehrels f , Dominique Giesler f , John W. Geissman g , and William G. Parker: Empirical evidence for stability of the 405-kiloyear Jupiter-Venus eccentricity cycle over hundreds of millions of years , PNAS, , 2018. S.I.
  • B. de Boer, Lucas J. Lourens, and Roderik S.W. van de Wal: Persistent 400,000-year variability of Antarctic ice volume and the carbon cycle is revealed throughout the Plio-Pleistocene, Nature Communications, 5 issue 2999, 2014.
  • Original Dataset

    Plots, Figures   00readme.html
    δ18O Benthic (pdf) (png)step 10 points, and enlargement 0-1 Myr
    δ18O Benthic LOMB (pdf) (png)Complete dataset 53000 values (L.M., R code Lomb)
    δ18O Benthic MEM 1 (pdf) (png)from the half (26000 values)
    δ18O Benthic MEM 2 (pdf) (png)from the 2.nd half (26000 values)
    Comparison: MEM 1 & MEM 2 (pdf) (png)the 2 halves of the complete dataset (53000 values)
    SECTIONS MEM (pdf) (png)MEM Spectra 100-700 Kyr BP
    SUB SECTIONS MEM (pdf) (png)MEM Spectra 100-700 Kyr BP
    SECTIONS 0.4 Kyr Power (pdf) (png)Power of 0.4 Kyr peak vs. sections
    SUB SECTIONS 0.4 Kyr Power (pdf) (png)Power of 0.4 Kyr peak vs. sub-sections
    SUB SECTIONS 0.4 Kyr, shift (pdf) (png)Power of 0.4 Kyr peak vs. sub-sections, with sub-s 1 shifted +1
    SECTIONS MEM (pdf) (png)MEM Spectra 300-1200 Kyr BP
    SUB SECTIONS MEM (pdf) (png)MEM Spectra 300-1200 Kyr BP
    Milankovic Cycles (pdf) (png)Not found at all
    LR04 Stack
    Lysienko & Raymo 2005
    (pdf) (png)weak 400 Kyr (pdf) (png)  Lomb zoom/labels
    LR04 Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    Complete Dataset .txtCols 1 and 2
    LOMB (periods) .txtR code produces separate files for periods
    LOMB (power) .txt and power
    MEM ( half) .out
    MEM (2.nd half) .out
    Table of sections .html
    Table of sub-sections .html
    Section 1 .txt7000 values
    Section 2 .txt
    Section 3 .txt
    Section 4 .txt
    Section 5 .txt
    Section 6 .txt
    Section 7 .txt
    Section 8 .txt4000 values
    Section 1 MEM .out
    Section 2 MEM .out
    Section 3 MEM .out
    Section 4 MEM .out
    Section 5 MEM .out
    Section 6 MEM .out
    Section 7 MEM .out
    Section 8 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 11 .txtread as "one one", i.e. section one, part one
    Sub-Section 12 .txtread as "one two"
    Sub-Section 21 .txt3500 values
    Sub-Section 22 .txt
    Sub-Section 31 .txt
    Sub-Section 32 .txt
    Sub-Section 41 .txt
    Sub-Section 42 .txt
    Sub-Section 51 .txt
    Sub-Section 52 .txt
    Sub-Section 61 .txt
    Sub-Section 62 .txt
    Sub-Section 71 .txt
    Sub-Section 72 .txt
    Sub-Section 11 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 12 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 21 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 22 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 31 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 32 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 41 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 42 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 51 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 52 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 61 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 62 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 71 MEM .out
    Sub-Section 72 MEM .out
    Parabolic fit .appOriginal andsub-s 1 shifted +1
    LR04 dataset .txtwhole dataset
    Detrended LR04 .txt
    LR04 LOMB .out

    Lomb-Scargle-macro.txt, deboer18.bon, deboer-mem1.bon, deboer-mem2.bon, deboer-mem12.bon, all-mem.bon, allxx-mem.bon, milan.bon,
    lr04.bon, lr04-lomb.bon, lr04-lombz.bon,
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