••Data by Michel Crucifix from: https://github.com/mcrucifix/logistic_insol, i.e. the Tzedakis et al.(2017) data.

•Full text papers can be retrived from sci-hub.cc by Alexandra Elbakyan at:
www.sci-hub.cc/ .... give: URL, PMID, DOI or search string

•Catch some other information about Alexandra Elbakyan at:
www.repubblica.it/scienze/2017/02/03/news/alexandra_elbakyan_e_vero_rubo_agli_editori_per_dare_agli_scienziati_-157492267 (italian)

•I already owned the full text of the Tzedakis et al (2017) Nature paper via my university access (from an old version: the new version actually does not allow the access to Nature's papers by a retired people). So, safely, I tried to obtain a full text copy of the paper from sci-hub.cc and got it in few seconds (from a computer without university access, of course).

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