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PAGES data through 800 ka.
Separation between 100 and 41 ka periods. The 100 ka problem. Wavelets spectra of 7 datasets

Ecc, Obl. Prec., Ins. pdf, png
MEM 4 pars 0-600 ka pdf, pngSpectra
MEM 4 pars 0-100 ka pdf, png Spectra enlarg.
Ecc. Wavelet sp. png
Obl. Wavelet sp. png
Prec. Wavelet sp. png
Inso. Wavelet sp. png
Baikal Bio Silicata pdf, png +Lomb Spectrum
Baikal Bio100ka pdf, png +Lomb Spectrum enlarg.
Baikal Bio Sil Wavelet sp. png
δ18O benthic/sea water
Benthicpdf, png 0-800 kapermil
Benthic fitpdf, png 0-800 kapermil7-rises fits
Benthic IG1pdf, png 0-20 kapermilInterglacial #1
Benthic slope fitpdf, png 0-800 kapermil7-rises fits
Benthic 100kapdf, png 0-100 ka Lombpermil
Benthic Wavelet sp. png
Sea waterpdf, png 0-800 kapermil
Sea water 100kapdf, png 0-100 ka Lombpermil
CH4pdf, png 0-800 kappb
CH4 100kapdf, png 0-100 ka Lombppb
CO2pdf, png 0-800 kappm
CO2 100ka Lombpdf, png 0-100 kappm
CO2 Wavelet sp. png
CH4 vs.CO2pdf, png 0-800 kaalso spectra& 0-40 ka
Pollen-apdf, png 0-800 ka%Arboreal Pollen
Pollena 100kapdf, png 0-100 ka%Arboreal Pollen
Pollen Funzapdf, png 0-800 ka%Arboreal Pollen no quercus
Pollenf 100kapdf, png 0-100 ka%no age!! meters!! not computed
PAGES Maxima html 0-800 kaSpectral maxima of PAGES series
Orbitaltxt 0-800 kaEcc, Obl, Prec, Inso
Ecc MEMout Spectrum
Obl MEMout Spectrum
Prec MEMout Spectrum
Inso MEMout Spectrum
Baikal biosilicate
Bio silicatatxt 0-800 ka
Bio silic LOMBout Periods 0-600 ka148,99,41,23.5 ka
δ18O benthic/sea water
Benthictxt 0-800 kapermil
Benthic fitapp 0-800 kapermil7-rises fits
Benthic LOMBout 0-800 kapermil
Sea watertxt 0-800 kapermil
Sea water LOMBout 0-800 kapermil
CH4txt 0-800 kappb
CH4 LOMBout 0-800 kappb
CO2txt 0-800 kappm
CO2 LOMBout 0-800 kappm
Pollen-atxt 0-800 ka%Arboreal Pollen
pollena LOMBout 0-800 ka%
Pollen Funzatxt 0-800 ka%Arboreal Pollen no quercus
pollenf LOMBout 0-800 ka%no age !! meters!!
orbital.bon, orbital-mem.bon, orbital-memz.bon,
baikal-biosil.bon, baikal-bios100.bon,
d180b.bon, d180b-100.bon, d180bf.bon, d180sw.bon, d180sw-100.bon, ig1.bon,
aic-ch4.bon, aic-ch4-100.bon, aic-co2.bon, aic-co2-100.bon,
pollena.bon, pollena-100.bon, pollenf.bon, .bon,

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