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A merge of NOAA and UAH6.0 temperature anomalies

  • Data available here (UAH6, used: uahncdc_lt_6.0beta3.txt, Jul 2015) and here (NOAA,CAG, through Jun 2015).
    Datasets (pdf) (png) Obs. Global LT, NOAA scaled by -0.42°C and overall fits
    Datasets (pdf) (png) and linear fits before/after Jan 2001
    Datasets (pdf) (png) and difference. Also Diffs vs CO2
    Mixed final dataset (pdf) (png) NOAA 1860-Dec 2000 UAH Jan 2001-present + MEM
    Mixed dataset (pdf) (png) Mixed, linear fit and residuals vs cos
    MEM of NOAA 1507 (pdf) (png) Compare to the "mixed" spectrum
    MEM of OCEAN 1507 (pdf) (png) Compare to the "mixed" spectrum
    Pause in UAH5.6 (pdf) (png) No pause!always positive slopes
    Pause in UAH6.0 (pdf) (png) Pause!
    UAH v6.0 beta.txt update of Jul.2015Original data
    UAH v6.0 beta.dat update of Jul.2015Used data
    NOAA data .datupdate of Jun 2015 Original data
    NOAA data .datupdate of Jun 2015 Used data
    Diff vs CO2 .outLinear fit
    Mixed data .txtMixed: NOAA+UAH6.0 data used for MEM
    Mixed MEM.outSpectrum of Mixed data
    MEM of NOAA 1507 .outAfter Karl et al., 2015
    MEM of OCEAN 1507 .outAfter Karl et al., 2015
    Pause in UAH5.6 (dat) No pause!ese=estimated standard error
    Pause in UAH6.0 (dat) Pause!ese=estimated standard error
    Updated through 2018, December
    UAH6-1812pdfuah6-1811as Jan 2019
    UAH6-1812pnguah6-1811as Jan 2019
    NOAA-1811.txttxt noaa globalNovember 2018
    DIFF-1811.pdfpdf pngNovember 2018
    Pause UAH6pdf png2002/01-2013/12

    Code (only update)
    uah6-1812.bon, pause2.bon, .bon, .bon,
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