Data files used to compute Hiatus
1409t.datNOAA global
noaa-sh.datNOAA SH
hadcrut4gl-new.datHadCrut 4 global
hadcrut4nh-new.datHadCrut 4 Northern Hemisphere
hadcrut4sh-new.datHadCrut 4 Southern Hemisphere
hadsst3-gl-new.datHadCrut 3 SST global
hadsst3-nh-new.datHadCrut 3 SST Northern Hemisphere
hadsst3-sh-new.datHadCrut 3 SST Southern Hemisphere
uahncdc_lt_5.6.txtUAH Satellite Lower Troposphere Temperature
RSS lower troposphereRSS TLT{*}

{*} TLT (Temperature Lower Troposphere) is a more complex data set constructed by calculating a weighted difference between measurements made at different Earth incidence angles to extrapolate MSU channel 2 and AMSU channel 5 measurements lower in the atmosphere. Because of the differences involves measurements made at different locations, and because of the large absolute values of the weights used, additional noise is added by this process, increasing the uncertainty in the final results. See here
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