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IPO-Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation
TPI-TriPole IndexTPI-TriPole Index depends on CO2 or viceversa?

  • Koutsoyiannis & Kundzewicz, 2020 Koutsoyiannis D., Kundzewicz Z.W.: Atmospheric Temperature and CO2: Hen-Or-Egg Causality? (Version 1), Sci, 2-72, 1-27, 2020.
  • NOAA TPI (IPO) page
  • Henley et al., 2015 Henley, B.J., Gergis, J., Karoly, D.J., Power, S.B., Kennedy, J., & Folland, C.K. (2015). A Tripole Index for the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. Climate Dynamics, 45(11-12), 3077-3090. . Accessed on 10 08 2010 at "/data/timeseries/IPOTPI".
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    Plots, Figures     
    IPO-TPI NOAA(pdf) (png)
    TPI NOAA MO(pdf) (png) Monthly, through 2019 NOAA ERSST V5
    TPI NOAA MO ACF(pdf) (png) Monthly 60, through 2019 NOAA ERSST V5
    TPI NOAA MO ACF (pdf) (png) Monthly 180, through 2019 NOAA ERSST V5, use this plot
    TPI NOAA MO DER(pdf) (png) Monthly, Derivatives (png) zoom
    TPI NOAA YR(pdf) (png) Annual, through 2019 NOAA ERSST V5
    TPI HSST MO(pdf) (png) Monthly, through 2019 HADSST1.1
    TPI HSST YR(pdf) (png) Annual, through 2019 HADSST1.1
    Quoted in the paper as "the TPI" at www.esrl.
    TPI HAD2 MO(pdf) (png) Monthly, through 2010HADSST2
    TPI HAD2 YR(pdf) (png) Annual, through 2010 HADSST2
    3-Way Monthly(pdf) (png) NOAA, HSST, HAD2 Comparison
    3-Way Annual(pdf) (png) NOAA, HSST, HAD2 Comparison
    Spectral maxima(html)Monthly.   Annual (html)
    TPI NOAA MO(txt)Monthly
    TPI NOAA MO ACF(out)
    TPI NOAA DER(out)
    TPI NOAA MO(txt)Monthly
    TPI NOAA YR(txt)Annual
    TPI HSST MO(txt)Monthly
    TPI HSST YR(txt)Annual
    TPI HAD2 MO(txt)Monthly
    TPI HAD2 YR(txt)Annual

    tpi-noaa-mo.bon, tpi-noaa-yr.bon, tpi-hsst-mo.bon, tpi-hsst-yr.bon,
    tpi-had2-mo.bon, tpi-had2-yr.bon, cfr-mo.bon, cfr-yr.bon,
    acf-noaa-mo.bon, tpi-noaa-mo-der.bon,
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