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Data and Spectra of monthly SST of El Niño Regions

Data ONI, SAM other antarctic indices: (Other) (SAM) (ONI)
NOAA-NCEP Page for Cold & Warm Episodes
Plots, Figures
ONI Index (png) Dartmouth Flood Obs. 1950-2009
ONI Index (png) 1950-2019
My ONI Index (pdf) (png) 1950-2019
My ONI Color (pdf) (png) 1950-2019
Weekly SST: El Nino 3.4 (pdf) (png) Temp & Anom Comparison 1997-98 & 2015-16
SST Anomaly: El Nino Regions (pdf) (png) Regions together
SST Anomaly: El Nino Regions (pdf) (png) 4 plots
SST Anomaly: MEM Spectra (pdf) (png) Spectra (4 plots) of the Regions 1.2, 3, 3.4, 4
NOAA Glob. Temp. Anom. (pdf) (png) Land+Ocean 1997-2020 Slopes
Original monthly data
ONI(out)SST Anomaly at 3.4 region Jan 1950 through Dec 2019
Data, Week (txt)SST and SST Anomaly 03 Jan 1990 through 12 Feb 2020
Data, Month (txt) SST and SST AnomalyJan 1982 through Jan 2020
MEM of Niño 1+2(out) month
MEM of Niño 3(out) month
MEM of Niño 3.4(out) month
MEM of Niño 4(out) month
NOAA Land+Ocean(dat) monthly dataGlobal Temperature

oni.bon, nino-new.bon, moa-sst.bon, moa4-sst.bon, moa4-mem.bon, 1997.bon,

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