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Thyphoons in Japan
  • http:// (JMA site, in Japanese)
    A Selection of my CM posts on Extreme events
  • (CM109, Cyclones in USA)
  • (CM119, snow cover)
  • (CM122 Tornadoes in USA)
  • (CM128, CEI, Extremes in USA)
    (*) JISAO:Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Oceans, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.

    Plots, Figures   
    Thyphoons (JMA) (pdf) (png)Histogram
    Thyphoons & MEM (pdf) (png)Also fit
    Monthly Thyphoons (pdf) (png)
    All Monthly Thyph. (pdf) (png)<===== Really bad to read!
    PDO 1000-2000 (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum KNMI
    PDO 1900-2018 (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum JISAO*
    CFD (Cherry Flourishing Date) (pdf) (png)and LOMB Spectrum Kyoto
    Wulan Tree ring, China (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
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    Table (.csv) Orig. .csv1951-2019
    Table used here .txt1951-2018
    MEM Spectrum .out
    PDO NCEI .txtAnnual
    PDO NCEI MEM .out
    PDO 1900-2018 .txtmonthly
    PDO 1900-2018 MEM .out
    CFD Kyoto .txt
    CFD MEM .out
    Wulan Tree rings .txt
    Wulan MEM .out

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