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Geostrophic Wind Speeds in Eastern Atlantic

  • Krueger et al., 2019 (Isole Orcadi - Orkney Islands)   See also:
  • Le Mouel et al., 2017 Jean-Louis Le Mouel, Fernand Lopes and Vincent Courtillot: A Solar Signature in Many Climate Indices , JGR Atmospheres, 22 February, 2019. doi:10.1029/2018JD028939.
  • Luterbacher et al., 1999. Iürg Luterbacher, Christoph Schmutz, Dimitrios Gyalistras, Eleni Xoplaki and Heinz Wanner: Reconstruction of monthly NAO and ED indices back to AD 1675 , GRL , 26,17, 2745-2748, 1999.
    Plots, Figures     
    Original Krueger et al., 2019 Fig.2(---) (png)
    Geostrophic wind speeds(pdf) (png) 1875-2016. Digitized from Krueger et al, 2019, fig.2
    SST HadCrut(pdf) (png) 1850-2012, monthly
    SST HadCrut NH(pdf) (png) 1850-2019, annual
    NAO-yr(pdf) (png) 1650-2000
    NAO1 CRU(pdf) (png) 1842-2014
    NAO1 djfm CRU(pdf) (png) 1825-2013
    Spectral maxima (table) (html)
    Strofic.txt(txt) Geostrophic 99th percentile wind speed
    SST HadCrut (txt) SST Global (°C)
    SST HC MEM(out)
    SST HadCrut NH (txt) SST N. Hemisphere (°C)
    SST HC NH MEM(out)
    NAO-yr (txt) NAO (hPa)
    NAO1 CRU (dat)NAO1 year
    NAO1 CRU MEM (out)NAO1 year
    NAO1 djfm CRU (dat)NAO1 year
    NAO1 djfm CRU MEM (out)NAO1 year

    strophic.bon, ssthc.bon, ssthcnh.bon, nao-yr.bon, nao1.bon, nao1-djfm.bon,

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