Bongo Commands

Applications (APPs)

The applications are stand-alone (fortran, executable) programs which can be run from within Bongo. Depending on the way they were built, can produce output files Bongo can plot, or values the Bongo user can use. The APPs should be written in such a way the user can work politely.

Up to now two such applications exist, afit beeing a very complex code for non-linear fitting (it makes use of Generalized Matrix Inversion and Tikhonov regularization) and can find up to 9 parameters. It is an old (1990) code of which the author lost the code and has restored it from a printed listing: so actually it is not so easy to use, also for the author, but runs and there is some hope to make it more usable.

The other app is cbm: it allows to compute the daylength in three situations, namely 1)giving one latitude (degrees) and one date (year,month,day); or 2) one latitude and more days (tipically starting and ending month) [e.g 44.833, 2014, 4, 9; northern latitude, year, april, september]; or 3) more latitudes (tipically an integer range of latitudes, e.g. 15, 65, and a step (degrees), e.g. 2),year, month, day.
cbm also allows to select a so-called daylength coefficient, p.

As above-stated, the APPs are stand-alone codes, but they can run within Bong by the command DOS name-of-executable.

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